Posted by Trustpigs September 24, 2012

The class clown, tongue stuck out and face contorted into a humorous form… During schooling, we all knew these types and witnesses the pure silliness they created for the typically formal "Picture Day" that is the bane of every child's life. Oh, how we all longed to bring a spinny topped beanie or the arrow-thru-the-head gag to that most hated of days… but we didn't.

Only, in Eric Pause's version of events, his Two-Faced Hazel custom brought all that and more: a dripping lapel flower, a clown mask, rainbow suspenders and even a tutu. Yes, this girl's pictures would not be prized for distribution as a part of the Holiday cards, but this frozen moment custom is absolutely stunning to behold. Immaculately painted, brilliantly sculpted, wonderfully witty. This is a customizer to watch, as his work continues to impress in greater and greater ways!

Entitled "School Picture Day," this piece was created for the "The Two-Faced Show," which opens on October 13th, 2012 at 5PM at Gunnzo, 2445 Juan St., San Diego, CA 92110.

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