Posted by Zombiekel October 01, 2012


Netherlands based Mintyfresh have teamed up with Bic Plastics and David Flores to bring us an exclusive 'Cool' colourway of Deathead Mickey.

Rocking the simple but stunning Black & White colorscheme was an awesome move as this piece looks incredible!



Deathhead Mickey does resemble good ol' Mickey Mouse but instead of his regular face David replaced it with the Totenkopf. 

The Totenkopf is a German symbol for Death, and makes our pal Mickey a bit more intimidating then he normally is. 


Bic Plastics Deathhead stands 10" tall (25 cm) and comes in a nicely designed box by the David Flores.



The 'Cool' Deathead colourway can be found as a pre-order at mintyfresh priced at €99.95 plus shipping and will be shipped out in November


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