Posted by specialK October 16, 2012

Ronnie Aminov & Cynthia Catera founded FSMNYC (formerly known as FancySexyMe) Jewelry in 2008. Hand crafted in NYC, FSMNYC create edgy, stylish and trendy jewelry for both men and women. From guillotine pendants to sweet mystical unicorns, all of FSMNYC's pieces have an attitude. Even the unicorns look tough! 

These pieces seem to be made for adult punks who still have their attitude and now have a bit more money to spend. Mmmm, I'll take that gold spiked bracelet ....

FSMNYC create necklaces, rings (double & triple), earrings, pendants, bracelts as well as body jewelry. Check out FSMNYC's website to see more designs.

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