Posted by Trustpigs October 01, 2012

The kit-bashing Killer Bootlegs team have been busy, preparing no less than three new releases for the upcoming month!

The brand new "vintage version" of the popular "art-too" release, now cast from a Vintage Star Wars line R2D2 action figure with a spray paint can label designed by Crush Entity and topped with a Krylon stock cap. All the artwork was designed by graff writer Hoakser and then re-designed into the Killer Bootlegs style header card you've come to know and love. Each figure will also include a sticker, likewise designed by Hoakser. Using a blind pull system, 10 lucky buyers will receive a "rattle & shake" chase version of the figure.

Possibly the most talked about Killer Bootleg release since the "Man Inside the Mask" figure, "Frankenfett" uses a Boba Fett body sculpt, with glow-in-the-dark hands, and a head mashed on from an '80s Remco Frankstein kit. Limited to only 25 pieces, there will be a randomly distributed chase variant that is a reverse of the colorways (glow-in-the-dark body with opaque black hands and head). Due to the reaction of fans, this figure is currently available for preorder at $25 each HERE.


Last, but not least, is the "Killer Kaiju" figure, which is Killer Bootlegs's interprestation of the Japanese Kaiju design. Kit-based together out of a Masters of the Universe "Webstor" figure, "Skipper" (from the Barbie line), a Madame Alexander flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz, and arms from a Kenner's Jurassic Park "T-Rex" toy, "Killer Kaiju" has been finished with Monster Kolor paints and will be available in two colorways (one pictured above, one below). Each is poly-bagged with a Japanese movie poster style header card, and — as a 2 pack carded "Monster Mash" — will also be available with a Kaijin style figure designed, molded, and cast by Butch Adams of Butcherbrand. The poly-bagged version will be released during the third week of October 2012, while the collaboration carded version is still be completed (but should be available shortly thereafter if not simultaneously).


So keep your eyes peeled to the Killer Bootlegs online shop throughout October. Lots of Treats will be coming your way this Halloween season…


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