Posted by Trustpigs October 25, 2012

Done with Luke Chueh's typical tongue-in-cheek brilliance, his contribution to the 2012 Designer Con's "Super Suck Up!" exhibition is entitled "Kuma Fett: The Southpaw Bounty Hunter." Like most of the fifteen contributors to the tribute show, Chueh's design uses The Super Sucklord's iconic action figure as the base but — for his design — he's made a bear head mask, complete with bullet ding and bandaging, that'll slide over the base figure's head. In addition, the figure's left hand will be a bear claw… the southpaw (a slang for being left-handed) referred to in the figure's name. For those that don't know, kuma (熊) is the Japanese word for "bear" and specifically can refer to the predecessor of Pedobear. As with almost all the other contributions to this show, this design will be made in a run of 50 copies available for $100 apiece during this convention.

Participating artists in the show are (links go to our coverage of their contribution, if available): Bill McMullen, Buff Monster, DrilOneDoktor A, Ferg, Frank KozikJason Freeny, L'amour Supreme, Luke Chueh, October Toys, Onell Design, Paul Kaiju, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner and — of course — one by The Sucklord himself.


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