Posted by specialK January 10, 2013

Bailey Records has announced the release of  new mini figures for their table top miniatures game " Kaiju Kaos". The multi-faceted Bailey Records dives into the toy world with minifigures for  Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown Series 1, Set 1 Minifigures. Bryan Borgman, Bailey Records' owner and Kaiju Kaos' game designer said this about his venture into the designer toy scene " When I decides I wanted to try and break into the designer toy market with original ideas, I sought out the talented Steven Patt (aka oOMoSOo) at Papagrim Toys to be my collaborator and primary sculptor."  The resin mini-figures set for release are "Orcco the Everfolk, the Martial Artist Orchid Titan Champion", "Earwig the Insectien, the Scout Specialist Battler Beetle" and "Atticus the Wicked Werewolf, the Vicious Saboteur. " Each set of the resin minis will contain one of each character sculpt. The first wave will be limited to 40 sets cast in black resin and will retail for $25 a set.  The sets are scheduled for release this Friday at 8PM EST at Baily Records' webshop. Baily Records say that once the limited black figures sell out regular production of each figure will resume in the standard gray color. 

Not only is Baily Records the creator of Kaiju Kaos, it's a record label and composition house of role playing and miniature game soundtracks, comic book soundtracks, independent film scores. 

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