Posted by specialK January 31, 2013

 Stranger Factory, in Albuquerque New Mexico, opens three independent shows in one night. Empty World by DrilOne, Fore Tell by Limon and Long Dogs by Leecifer will show February 1st through the 24th. Leecifer sent us some great photos and a statement about his Long Dogs exhibit. 

Long Dogs;

"Encountered as seemingly ordinary plants ad animals hinting at an impossible intellect or ancient wisdom. Seen from  the corner of your eye, a flash of golden scales revealed to to be but a Tabby's fur, a serpentine shadow solidifies into one from a Wiener Dog, improbable wings on a frog. Sometimes, the glimpse becomes the knowing smile of a Boston Bulldog that, in passing, might have had catfish whiskers, or a turtle with too many heads. Or the sense that, even in times of harshest trial, there is a powerful presence shepherding and guiding you. This is teh gift of a long dog. Possible dragons, unrecognized conduits of wonder and magic, hiding in plain sight."

The exhibits feature customs as well as new figures and will run through February 24th. Opening reception will be February 1st, 6-9 PM at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, NM. 

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