Posted by specialK April 29, 2013

Bas Petter of Bashprojects has completed two new colorful custom figures for an American collector. The 7" & 2.5" Munny figures are called Rock n Roll Fred & Ginger: two music lovers on their was to see their favorite band live, in concert! 

"Fred is a huge fan of the rock band BA/AH. Because he was so sweet for Ginger she decided to suprise him. She put on a BA/SH t-shirt and told him to change because they were going to a BA/SH concert tonight. Fred was so excited that he ran into the house, took off his shirt, put on his skull belt & ran back out. Ginger was shocked.... Fred was covered in tattoos with a huge BA/SH tattoo on his back!"

Looks like this heavy metal gnome & his dinosaur metal chick are ready RAWK! Vistit Bashproject's website to see more of Bas Petter's fun customs & designs! 


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