Posted by specialK June 17, 2013

Norwegian designer and illustrator Bard "Hole" Standal has posted some pictures of the prototypes for his fantastic Tiki Kitty vinyl figures. Tiki Kitty will stand 11" tall and will come with removable masks. So far Bard has planned on two color variants; Gold Kitty and Wood Kitty. Originally a collaboration with Momo's Workshop, the project stalled for some reason and only these amazing prototypes were made. Bard wanted to have the Tiki Kitties 3D printed and cast it himself, but the opportunity to have it produced in China arose and he went for it! Bard promises to add photos of the production process in the near future. I love how the Kitties look ferocious in their masks but when the masks are removed they're cute and cuddly! Very Nice! 


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