Posted by Erica November 13, 2013

After winning the 2013 Designer Toy Awards for "Best DIY Platform" and with successful exhibitions in the UK, New York City, and now heading to Sacramento, California - the Fonzo figure has become truly something of a rockstar with this design taking up the concept. Canadian based illustrator, Patrick Wong, previews his "Rock On Fonzo" custom 6" vinyl figure for Freak Store's upcoming "Fonzo Loves California" show opening November 16, 2013 at Dragatomi. This classic rock themed design hints at American nostalgia with the character's long hair, electric guitar, and Marshall Stack amplifier.

Other participating artists include Scribe, Scott Tolleson, MapMap, Camilla D´Errico, Double Parlour, Chauskoskis, DrilOne, Jeremiah Ketner, 64Colors, Sergio Mancini, GerardMDS, Artmymind, Gary Ham, Rsin, Stuart Witter, Charles Rodríguez,Burundanga Design, Task One, Gabriel Carpio, Otto Bjornik, Grimsheep, Shojonotomo, Eimi, Chikuwaemil, Tasha Zimich,Ardabus Rubber, Beast Brothers, Silvia Cipolla, Jay222, Jon Paul Kaiser, Umetoys, Mark Nagata, Jason Limon, Sonnito, Muxxi, Spencer Hilbert, Mab Graves, Mike Fudge, Calvin Ma, Nakanari, and Pj Constable.


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