Posted by Trustpigs February 06, 2014

The Disarticulators unveil their latest keshi figure, and it's a big one… the "Atomic Uchuujin!" Just shy of being a dekakeshi, towering over standard sized gum figures at a height of 2.75-inches, this figure was designed & sculpted by Zectron and cast in premium flexible rubber by Tru:Tek. Inspired by the banned Ultraman character Alien S’Pell, from the spin-off show Ultra 7, several different colorways are planned to be unleashed over the coming months, but…

The "Atomic Uchuujin" will be making it’s debut at Rampage Studio’s Keshi Party this Friday, February 7th, 2014 in an exclusive Japan-only preview run! The rubber figure will be up for grabs in both flesh and a secret “gift only” colourway, limited to just 10 of each. Packed with an exclusive blueprint header card, plus an extra special companion piece, these editions will be priced around 3,000yen ($29) apiece… Stay tuned for news on the first Western release in just a couple of weeks time!


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