Posted by Trustpigs April 08, 2014

The Disarticulators finally announce the Western debut of the "Atomic Uchuujin," which 'wow'-ed fans earlier this year at Rampage Studio's Keshi Party in Japan. And, of course, this 2.5-inch tall figure, designed & sculpted by Zectron and cast in premium flexible rubber by Tru:Tek, will be unleashed in three limited colorways at ToyConUK on April 12th, 2014. Inspired by the banned Ultraman character Alien S’Pell, from the spin-off show Ultra 7, here's a quick rundown of the fantastic versions that those attending the convention will be able to snag:

Standard “Keshi-Gomu” Edition! Originally seeing a limited release at the Keshi Party, the standard flesh colorway is back! Limited to an edition of 10 figures, these come packed with a header and “Crystallized Corpuscle” watch button for just £18 each.

“Marble Color Change” Edition! Utilising new production techniques, these guys have been cast up in 2- and 3-way marbled thermal color changing mixes. Once again limited to 10 figures, each comes blind packed in a deluxe box designed by Jupiter Ace for £22 apiece.

UV Reactive “Radiation” Edition! The pièce de résistance, the Radiation variant has been cast in an off-white rubber with UV reactive radiation burns that turn pink in the sun! Limited to a run of 10, these also come packed in a deluxe box with button for £22 each.

All 3 versions will be released at the Rampage Toys & Disarticulator ToyCon booth, though those unable to attend the event can expect details of online sales to follow soon after!


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