Posted by Miranda October 09, 2014

Luke Chueh's "Dissected Bear Head" makes its debut appearance!

Produced by Clutter Studios and made out of rotocast resin in Kenner Prototype Blue, these "Prototype Edition" copies will be available for $100 apiece. Standing at  6" tall, 6" deep, and 7" wide, the pieces reveal Luke's famed Bear Head design with a quarter cut exposed to reveal a human head inside.

Available exclusively from Clutter Booth #504. Ultra limited in this colorway, there will be 5 copies released on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (total of 15 pieces). Each day these will be made available by lottery: tickets will be handed out, starting at 11AM, for 15 minutes. The lottery drawing will occur at 11:15AM. One ticket per person. 


imageLUKECHUEH_HEAD.jpg, by Miranda
imageLUKE.jpg, by Miranda
imageLUKECHUEH_HEAD_5.jpg, by Miranda
imageLUKECHUEH_HEAD_3.jpg, by Miranda


imageLUKECHUEH_HEAD_6.jpg, by Miranda


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