Posted by Trustpigs November 11, 2015
UME Toys & DKE Toys Present The Custom GeekWok Show at DCon!

Over the last month, you may have spotted some work-in-progress custom GeekWok figures popping up under the hashtag #customgeekwok and that's because Rich Page of UME Toys has been organizing the very first Custom GeekWok Show, which will be hosted by DKE Toys at this year's Designer Con (November 21-22, 2015 at the Pasadena Convention Centre).

We were lucky enough to chat with Page about his GeekWok creation and its growing family, which will be published in the forthcoming issue 32 of Clutter Magazine, but we can't wait to see the wonders created by 21 formidable artists involved in this exhibition. Participating artists are Ayleen Gaspar, Dr. Barbados, DrilOne, Doktor A., George Gaspar, Jay222, J*RYU, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Lisa Rae Hansen, MaloApril, Mark Troup, Mike Mendez, Molly Bolder, Nugglife, Peter Kato, Jeremy Tanavit, Rich Sheehan, Rsin, SeriouslySillyK, Wetworks, and 64 Colors.

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