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Posted by brittandpuppycat March 16, 2016
Seulgie's Ethereal "Spring Flowers" Satyrs – Dropping March 23rd!

It's time for another release of the super cute Satyr figure by Seulgie!

This edition – "Spring Flowers" – is a PIQ Grand Central Terminal exclusive. Just look at this adorable, pastel color palette! "Spring Flowers" looks like it was taken straight out of Fantasia's Pastoral Symphony with its ethereal head ornaments, dainty blushing and enchanting sparkle in its eye. 

At a limited run of 15, the "Spring Time" Satyr will be available on March 23rd, priced at $100 USD.  Keep your eye out on PIQ's website and Seulgie's instagram for the drop. I, for one, can't wait and am hoping to add one to my collection!

Read more about resin toys and Seulgie.



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