Posted by marc March 10, 2016
Wish Come True FriendsWithYou

It's hard to believe that it's been eight years since FriendsWithYou released their blindbox series, Wish Come True. These brightly colored chunks of happiness were released in February of 2008 by StrangeCo, each one weighted at the bottom to wobble and containing bells so that they would chime while rocking from side to side. Six characters were included in the series and three chase variants were hidden in the colorful packaging. While the Wish Come True series wasn't meant for children, the simple, round, and lovable designs harkened back to some of our first toys.

Given their age, it can be difficult to come across toys from the Wish Come True series. However, when you do fine them the prices are somewhat reasonable. Expect to pay about $20 for a used item or $25 for a new blindbox.

While FriendsWithYou continue to pump out art projects, it's rare for them to work in designer toys these days, which is a big loss for us, if you ask me! The closest thing we've gotten in the past few years was a porcelain sculpture created in collaboration with Case Studyo, which ran $500 and was limited to 25 pieces.

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