Posted by marc May 24, 2016
Last Blade 2 PS4

The absolutely stunning Neo-Geo game The Last Blade 2 is now available to play on PS4 and PS Vita. The 1998 title is a masterpiece of the one-on-one fighting genre, the specialty of SNK's Neo-Geo arcade and home console system. Unlike games like Street Fighter or King of FightersThe Last Blade series prominently features melee weapons, as opposed to hand-to-hand fighting and hadouken-style projectiles. But even more impressive than the technical gameplay are the graphics and art of the game. For a system released in 1990, the Neo-Geo was capable of outputting graphics far more powerful than its contemporaries, the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo. In fact, even later consoles like the SEGA Dreamcast and the PS2 still had issues replicating later-era Neo-Geo games. The Last Blade 2 is one of the best examples of this. The backgrounds and characters are painstakingly detailed, the animations are fluid, and the effects are pure eye candy. Pick it up today for just $15, far less expensive than the hundreds that the Neo-Geo AES version costs.

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