Posted by Miranda November 17, 2016
"Boglins" Custom Show round up @ Clutter Gallery!

On Saturday, November 12th  (as part of Beacon NY's Second Saturday art walk), we had a fantastic opening reception at the Clutter Gallery to celebrate the relaunch of the classic 80's toy the Boglin! 

Officially licensed and designed by the original creators Tim Clarke and Maureen Trotto, artists were given a blank rotocast resin of a brand new Boglin sculpt to go wild with! The blanks, created by Clutter Studios, were then transformed into amazing creations, all of which are currently on display.

The list of participating artists includes:

Attaboy • Dok A • Greg Mishka • Grizlli Atom • Jon-Paul Kaiser • Josh Kimberg • Maureen Trotto • Mike Strick • Scarecrowoven • Squink • Tim Clarke • Triclops • UME Toys • Rob Miller • The Boglin Man 

A big thank you to collectors and artists alike who came out to celebrate this iconic toy. In attendance were the creators themselves, Clarke and Trotto, and also artists JM Rampage, Grizlli Atom, Ron English and The Boglin Man. The place was packed, and everyone had a fantastic night!

To view the remaining pieces available for sale click here.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the show, all pieces will remain on display until December 2nd, so you have time yet!

Clutter Gallery | 163 Main Street | Beacon | NY | 12508

IMG_5002.jpg, by Miranda
CG_BOGLINS_OPENING_2.jpg, by Miranda

Artist JM Rampage showing off his Boglin side.

CG_BOGLINS_OPENING_10.jpg, by Miranda

Artist Grizlli Atom next to his custom Boglin.

CG_BOGLINS_OPENING_9.jpg, by Miranda
CG_BOGLINS_OPENING_11.jpg, by Miranda
CG_BOGLINS_OPENING_4.jpg, by Miranda


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