Posted by kristina January 05, 2018
Rato Kim x Discordia Merchandising DIY BOXCAT Kickstarter

The world needs more Boxcats, and for 2018 Rato Kim and Discordia Merchandising are making it a reality with the DIY Boxcat Kickstarter. The campaign started in December and the demand was so high it was funded in less than a week! But just because they've reached their initial goal doesn't mean people can't still donate.

It's a pretty sweet deal-for $10 you can get your own 5-inch blank Boxcat (yes this DIY is larger than previous Boxcats-VERY big plus!) and the more you donate the greater the rewards will be. This is also where you can get a glow in the dark Boxcat at a special price as well as an exclusive blue colorway (limited to 50 pieces). My favorite deal has to be all three colorways for $35, creatively dubbed the Solstice Sale.


Click here to read more about this campaign and check out all the rewards available. You have up to 9:23PM EST today January 5, 2018, to pledge on this Kickstarter. Help make this world more cuter with this awesome platform. The more the merrier!


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