Zelda Chess
20 May 2016

Sick of waiting for the new Legend of Zelda game? Yeah, me too. You might want to pass the time with this newly announced Legend of Zelda chess set by...

Otto Björnik x Kidrobot's Shah Mat Dunny Chess Series
22 January 2016

Pictured above is a custom chess set, using 3-inch Dunnys and Totem Doppelgangers for pieces, that phenomenal artist Otto Björnik made back in 2011. In a...

25 February 2014

Checkmate!!! Gotcha guys again, haha!! Did the sad face really draw you in? I didn't think it was going to work that easy. I can't believe I played on your heartstrings to get you to...

15 November 2011

Some people can play multiple chess games at once but I dare you to take your eyes off this amazing set of custom dunnys and totems by artist Otto Björnik...

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