Posted by Steve February 25, 2014

Checkmate!!! Gotcha guys again, haha!! Did the sad face really draw you in? I didn't think it was going to work that easy. I can't believe I played on your heartstrings to get you to read this blog. Actually I do and it was for good reason. What is that reason? Well now I'm feeling reluctant to tell you… nah, I'm just f***ing with you, haha. Did you really fall for the "bloggers too reluctant to tell you something" trick?? Come on now, you know me better than that. Back to the reason: ah yes, Andrew Byham is releasing his "The Reluctant Pawn" this Friday, February 28th. There's a story behind this figure, but I don't feel like telling it or copying and pasting it. If you wanna know the story that bad you'll have to read it on Andrew's website. So where does that leave us on "The Reluctant Pawn," you ask? I'll tell you… they stand 2.5-inches tall, they're made of resin, they're hand-painted with acrylic paints, they come in three different forms (Bronze, Silver, and Stone), they all cost £20 each, and that, my friend, is that. 



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