Posted by Devin November 15, 2011

Some people can play multiple chess games at once but I dare you to take your eyes off this amazing set of custom dunnys and totems by artist Otto Björnik. Otto's style is gorgeous and he is a master of pen and ink. The linework on these figures looks so clean and so perfectly executed. I have to add Otto to my list of newly discovered artists that really inspire me. Be sure to check out his amazingly detailed pen and ink works as well. On top of having an awesome artistic sense, he pens a cool story about the battle of these unique pieces. check it out!

"In the vast checkered fields of Sirib springs an ongoing war between two great kingdoms: the scarf-wearing Whites and the belt-strapping Blacks.

As adorable little pawns inch their way forward, fierce knights leap out of nowhere and shrewd bishops wait to ambush their enemy. Powerful rooks block and hurl damage while the all-seeing queen crushes whomever she sees as a threat to her king.

They each engage in battle to prove their king's claim as the Supreme Wearer of the Checkered Cloth. In the end, only one kingdom will reign and only one sartorial style will prevail."

via Vinyl Pulse

Devin "Spicy Donut" Lawson

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