Posted by Geoff April 10, 2007

Mickey's a classic - already been reimagined by KAWS obviously and the recent Span of Sunset Runaway Brain (less said about the "clash" version the better). So does the world really need another version? The answer from that pic seems to be: "hell yes!"

Dave Flores' work is beautiful but I thought the KR-released Kon Artis was pretty lame. The two I saw had the worst paint apps I've seen this side of a Burger King giveaway. Actually, that's unfair on whoever did the BK stuff because it looked better up close than the Artis.

But this...mmmmm....Medicom - class act all the way, a great sculpt and pose and hopefully a killer design from Flores. This blank prototype looks good as it is.

But does the okay from Disney - an uber corporation - mark a new direction for this type of toy? Is this the first of many collabs where these big corps try and cash in on what they perceive to be the more left field side of the market in an attempt to gain credibility with a different crowd?

You know...if it's good, really, who cares? KR toys are already sold in Urban Outfitters. Artists do corporate gigs by the shed load.

All that I need to know is "when" and "how much?"



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