Posted by Miranda December 11, 2007

So we didn't make it down to this show ourselves the weekend, but we are in London on Thursday so if we have time we will be sure to pop in. The show looked great though, i would have liked to see a show of 10" blanks but thats me just being picky lol. The work as usual looks awesome!! Artists include Triclops, Mjar, Fridge, Potatomo, Tortoy (h), DTAM, Peskimo, Cris Rose, Annabelle Hartmann, Asbestos, Fark, Kenn Munk, TWIY, Lokeone, MonstaFactory, Sneaky Raccoon, Teck1, Selph, Tortoy (l), Fark, Django, Jim Cable St, Sour Bones, Hicalorie, Sichi, 45, What What.

The show is open now at B2, 214 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA.

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