Posted by Geoff July 08, 2009

Lulubell has announced a new exclusive with Japanese firm RealxHead - the 5" Gold RubEvilbat! This new mold is part of Real Head's new "Mutant Zone series 3", and in this case is the product of the classic Mutant Evil figure consuming the life force of Organ Bat! This is the 3rd painted release of this figure, the gold rub version.

The paint process is something else - First the figure is sprayed with the metallic gold coat. This layer must set for a few days to dry to it's full cure. When dry, a layer of black is sprayed, and then very quickly rubbed off to leave a textured layer of perfection. Final color details are then added to complete his evil look!

This exclusive Gold Rub Evilbat is available on pre-order now at Lulubell for $60:


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