Posted by Nick March 09, 2010

MIST and The Dirty Cream have collaborated to produce the ultimate video games playing accessory. Stuff Project Natal, i'd rather sit on my ass and play games :P And where better to place my derriere than on this fine (and frankly massive) cushion featuring the artwork of MIST.

Back in September we featured the release of floor cushions designed by Skwak and Flying Fortress (see here) But i have to say, as a massive MIST fan, that this one tops the lot.

The only drawback is the price. The floor cushion, measuring 55 x 70", is now available for order on for €299 which at the time of writing equates to about £270 and $405. There are only 100 being made but for that kind of money i'd rather save for a Mist original painting.

I'd def be buying one of the smaller cushions (below) if they matched his current style like the big one. Seems have been my biggest beef with Mist product for the last year that very little has kept up to date with the artwork he's been doing. Hardly a surprise tho if they were designed years ago.

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