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Cover monster, Icy Huggy by Salazad, Evil Icy by Nick Knite

I know we're a little behind on this, but it's kind of like introducing someone to Star Wars, better late than never right? Besides, if I had my way, we'd be talking about this book and all the awesome contained inside of it, year 'round.

So for those of you just now getting a glimpse of  Workman Publishing's, Papertoy Monsters, curated by the venerable Castleforte, what this is at its most basic level is a book about, well monsters. But it goes so far beyond that. There are 50 different creatures, from the minds of 25 very creative monster scientists. And these just aren't any run-of-the-mill designers, they're some of the best in the genre. The list truly reads as a "who's who." Castleforte, Marshal Alexander, Salazad, Macula, Creaturekebab, Jonny Chiba, Horrorwood, Harlancore, Matt Hawkins, 3 eyedbear, [MCK], Nick Knite, Loulou & Tummie, Mckibillo, Dolly Oblong, Ben the Illustrator, PHIL, Roomism, Rememberthelittleguy, Bryan Rollins, Scott Schaller, Jerom, Sjors Trimbach, Kamimodel, and Marko Zubak.

Yeah. I know.

Each one contributed two monsters, as well as a back story for their lovlies, so it reads as a great book. But it's more than a book. Each monster comes with a template that you pop out from the page, fold, and then glue. When you're done, you get something awesome to put up on your self, like The Blob from Dolly Oblong.

The Blob by Dolly Oblong

It's fully understandable to want to hole up in your basement laboratory and build these guys all by yourself. I speak from experience. However, there's so much here that to not share them would be criminal and besides, it's a great way to spend time with the little ones in your life. Each of my children has their own copy, and I love it when they ask me if we can build a monster or two. If you don't have children of your own, but are an uncle or aunt, how awesome are you going to be next time you visit, rocking this book and a couple of glue sticks? Very, is the correct answer. 

Need a gift? Look no farther. Because these are pop-outs, no knife is required. Though to be honest, it does help to make a cleaner template for those like myself who tend to be a little manic about building the perfect monster. Add a couple of glue sticks to the package and it's a gift they'll love opening everyday.

It's also a great base for a monster-themed party. In addition to the designed templates, they also include blanks that you can scan or copy and let the kids design their own. Each monster comes with a set of instructions that makes it a cinch to build. They're also separated into three categories of difficulty, so it never gets boring.

Polyphemus by Loulou & Tummie

The hardest part about Papertoy Monsters is figuring out which one to build next. But that's also one of the more enjoyable aspects of the process. Every time you flip through the book, there's a chance to learn or see something new, or re-acquaint yourself with an old friend. The next hardest aspect is finding the space for all these wonderful creatures. I've given over more than a few shelves of my office to accommodate all of my builds, but it's worth it.

Mega Larb by Macula

The book is available in a good many spots online as well as in stores. If you don't want to wait for the mailman to deliver your copy, you might want to check your local arts & crafts store, or other like minded book seller. There's always Amazon, or you can go to Castleforte's Nice Paper Toys site HERE and order it from him. However you get it, you'll be thrilled you did, but be careful, it's addictive!

Just a sample of the monsters you'll get with this wonderful book!



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