Posted by Miranda May 02, 2014
Fang Ling Lee "Public Displays of Intimacy" Interview

There is no doubt that Fang Ling Lee is what you would call an "erotic" artist. Her work for the past few years has focused on erotic imagery, particularly that surrounding the Porn industry, a place where she has found a comfortable home creating portraits of some of the industries best known girls. Last year she was commissioned to design and make the trophies for the EXXXOTICA Expo's award ceremony, the Fannys, a prestigious task which was once again bestowed upon her this year. 

Recently she has been hard at work on a new series of paintings, al based on "Seflies", which will be making their debut at the Exxxotica Expo. Opening tonight (May 2nd) and running until the 4th, in Florida's Fort Lauderdale, we caught up with her to find out what inspired this new direction.

imageScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.36.16 PM.png
imageScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.36.16 PM.png, by Miranda

CM: Tell us about your new exhibition.
FLL: Currently, in the year 2014, as a human being on this planet called Earth, one cannot deny the astronomical impact the technological evolution has had on communication, the way we communicate and the impact it has had on our lives. The instant gratification we get that soothes the ache of loneliness… and is addictive.

This [Public Displays of Intimacy] series is about how technology has changed the way human beings express ourselves sexually. It's also about perspective, which in this case I have two:
The paintings are of Selfies, the exhibitionists from their perspective of themselves; and
The voyeur's perspective, what they see if they had her legs pinned back and were about to penetrate her ass. 

imagephoto 1.JPG
imagephoto 1.JPG, by Miranda

CM: What makes it different from your recent work?
FLL: This series has allowed me to explore a different technique by using only oils to fulfill my obsessions of being more technically precise, while also being energetically abstract. My technical artistry goal is to paint looser but tighter. I am searching for precision in the chaos. Spontaneity.

I recently worked on a movie, producing all of the set “art,” so I guess you can say these paintings came from that movie experience.

Sometimes I forget that it’s a blessing and curse to feel, experience, and reflect so intense deeply and profoundly. There is no denying the therapeutic benefits in creative art. So, yes, the biggest change is that I’m painting selfies. I mean, it’s much deeper than that… I’m not 'just' painting selfies, but I am. 

imagephoto 2.JPG
imagephoto 2.JPG, by Miranda

CM: What's it like to be Fang Ling Lee for a day?
FLL: Probably really terrible. I wake up in the afternoon, eat cookies, and paint boobies all night, but I get to drink wine, so at least I got that. Joking aside, I am very grateful and lucky that I have such incredible fans and collectors that allow me to be as insane as I want, and I’m surrounded by my very patient and tolerant family and husband who still (hopefully) loves me even though I am insane. 

CM: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
FLL: Don't stop. Compete only against yourself. Support, network, and recommend others without expectations. Wash your gaddamn brushes!! Stop sucking on the tip with your lips. 

CM: What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?
FLL: Do what you love. Take care of your tools. Don’t talk down about yourself, even if you’re just joking. 

CM: What's next? 
FLL: Sleeping for a week. Oh, and I’m designing another award for an award event next year. 

To find out more, and keep up to date on her work, follow fang on instagram @fanglinglee and check out her website

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