Posted by baykiddead August 01, 2011

I've been waiting for these for some time. Faisal Azad, better known in the paper community as salazad, has been one of my favorites designers since I first laid eyes on Icy Huggy and Wingy Wingy, his designs for the book Papertoy Monsters. [reviewed here] These were part of the Papertoy II show at Pink Hobo and as such, salazad teased us with these back in June. Now that the show has closed, the templates have become available. Finally!

His unique take on the medium and fantastical creativity has inspired me from the word go, and with his latest toys, he takes that vision a few steps further. Not your typical monsters, these don't sit or stand on a shelf, they're trophies to hang on your wall. Big game from some alternate universe where the Saberbattooth and Rhinofluenza thunder the open plain with herds of Cameuhbullz.

Free, fun, fantastic! HERE



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