Posted by Miranda February 11, 2012

New York Toy Fair opens its doors tomorrow (I'll let you know what we find) so news is coming in thick and fast from some of the more mainstream companies. This one in particular caught my eye as a nice cross over into the art world. 

We are very familiar with Dark Horse Deluxe, they produce some great product that are high in quality, so i was glad to see this one pop into my inbox. Titled "No Ordinary Sculpture" this is the first Statuette that Dark Horse has produced from artist Camilla D'Errico. Based on her painting "No Ordinary Love". Slated for general release in late June, this painted sculpture measures approx 8" tall and about 5" wide. Its limited to 950 hand numbered pieces worldwide, and is packaged in a full-color collector box, with certificate of authenticity. 

This piece was actually sculpted by the guys over at Gentle Giant Studios, who we know produce outstanding pieces, supervised closely by Camilla, who provided a lot of reference, notes, and commentary through out the prototyping process. 

“No Ordinary Love is a piece that is very dear to me,” Camilla d’Errico reflected. “It’s the visual interpretation and expression of my feelings for my ‘one and only,’ so you can imagine how exciting it is, that this particular piece was chosen!”

I'm looking forward to checking this out in the flesh tomorrow, so I'll let you know if it turns out as good as it sounds!! 



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