Posted by Erica August 31, 2012

Check out Josh Mayhem's latest "The Black Jackalope w/ Ultra-Deathray". If you are thinking that this figure looks familiar, its becuase this was based on his custom piece for the recent Bellicose Bunny custom show "Bellicosity" at Toy Art Gallery.

"With this commission piece the collector wanted the same aesthetic asThe White Rabbit custom, but requested that it be darker, more evil,more detailed, and with working lights on the Deathray (something theoriginal lacked). Eager to accomplish this challenge I fitted the newUltra-Deathray with 2 working lights (each with an independent batteryand on/off switch), and the Jackalope is adorned with a combination asculpted elements, aged armor accessories, and an additional handgunthat transforms shape. This was easily the most challenging custom Ihave done to date as I have never worked with electronics before. Ilook forward to accepting more commissions in the future thatencourage me to push the envelope, and to step out of my comfort zonein order to expand the elements of my craft."

Josh can be contacted for commission work through his Facebook, or through his Website

or through my website:


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