Posted by Trustpigs August 07, 2012

Artist Carson Catlin has undertaken the task of customizing one of each of the Munnyworld figures: Bub, Foomi, Kracka, Raffy, Roo, Trikky and, of course, the Munny itself. Using the mini, 4-inch tall form of each, this "Reticulated Munnyworld" series features Catlin's meticulous cut-away style which leaves a delicate latticework of vinyl in-place. For this series, each Munnyworld figure was in one of varying colors of vinyl available and has been painted on the exterior with white, which really makes the interior coloration attract the eye quickly and brilliantly. All seven custom figures will be exclusively available through Tenacious Toys web store for $125 each starting on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 9PM EST.


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