Posted by specialK January 22, 2013

BeeFy & Co gearing up for their Bad Bad Buddha Custom show at WonderCon 2013. The show is called "So Badass, It's Good" and over 20 of their favorite artists will be participating. Shadoe Delgado's BBB progress is pictured above, and shown below is Uncle and BeeFy's BBB work in progress. I can't wait to see the finished product. Uncle has got some serious color going on! So far participating artists include BeeFy, Baby-Vtec, DeeTen, Eckotyper, Fuller Designs, Josh Mayhem, Kool51, Kyle Kirwan, Matt Perez, MJ Lindo, Mumbot, Nebulon5, Rsin, Shadoe Delgado, Spanky Stokes, Tim Wollweber, Troy Martin, Valley Dweller, & Vallois Loic. I'm sure we'll see more names on that list as WonderCon nears. 


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