Posted by Trustpigs May 07, 2013

One of the most influential and recognizable names in the Designer Toy industry — Huck Gee — has opted to expand his well-known Gold Life universe through a free-to-play side-scrolling Tower Defense video game named Battle Tails! Inside the game, you'll play a hero commanding one of three clans and defending your city within the Great Kingdom of Kinausu. The three clans you can choose from are: Clan Six Tails, a clan of mischievous Snow Monkeys; Clan Ten Thousand Winds, a warrior clan of magic wielding tigers; and the nefarious Boso Ichiban Clan, a rag tag group of human punks and troublemakers. This fantastic looking game is being crowd funded through a Kickstarter campaign right now! You can read more about it and back the project HERE.


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