Posted by Miranda August 06, 2013

Check out this awesome new figure 100% designed and produced by Creo Design.  Standing 7''H x 7''W x 5''D, it is made from solid Creo Design resin and it weighs a hefty 1.5kg each. Buy one of these figures and you get the change to choose from over 250 colors for the body and 40 colors for the tooth! Not only that you get to choose if you want a gloss or matt finish!! Customize it how you want! Also for 1 month you get free international shipping.

Due for release on August 9th at 12pm (GMT) orders end on September 9th at 12pm (GMT), After which shipping charges will occur and the price will increase from $160 to $195.

Each tooth decay is made to order so they will take 2 weeks from the date of order to the date of ship.  





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