Posted by Miranda November 29, 2013

The UK's own Miss Muju has recently launched a kickstarter campaign, which by the way has all ready reached its goal and is well on the way to reaching its new stretch goal, to raise the funds to create some new figures. Titled 'Naju Muju' they stand at 7 inches tall and are cast in bio-resin. There are 4 different versions available: Clear, Ocean Green, Ocean Blue, and a super limited Rainbow Nalu colourway, which is only available through the Kickstarter campaign.  Currently, all these versions can only be bought through Kickstarter, but once the campaign is over, the Clear, Green and Blue versions will be available through the website

Clear Nalu Muju = £80
Ocean Green Nalu Muju = £90
Ocean Blue Nalu Muju = £90
Rainbow Nalu Muju = £120

Also if they reach the stretch goal on Kickstarter they will release a translucent glow in the dark version, filled with glittering particles so that it sparkles in the daytime and glows at night. Which sounds amazing! So show your support here.



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