Posted by Miranda June 24, 2014

Mike Leavitt has teamed up with 3D printing solution Shapeways to bring you 3D-Print on demand versions of some of his political satire statues. The pieces, originally created for his show at Jonathan LeVine's Gallery late last year, have been 3D scanned and replicated as 4 and 5 inch models. These action-figure sized replicas of his Star-Wars themed Gandhi, Lincoln and Martin Luther King statues, are available in candy-apple plastic, stainless steel, bronze and solid gold. 

Unlike Leavitts original pieces, which can retail for upwards of $10,000, these commodity pieces start at a reasonable $24. So why not head over to and purchase yourself one. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Leavitt for Clutter issue 20 after his show at The Levine Gallery. You can read it here.



imageLincolnEP.jpg, by Miranda
imageGandhiEP.jpg, by Miranda


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