Posted by Trustpigs November 24, 2014

As a wintery chill decends on New York this November, Peter Kato decides to melt everyone's hearts with a fresh release of his adorable "Bedtime Bunnies" and "Sleeptime Bunnies!" Released in the "November Blues" colorways, the randomly packed pieces are cast in a range of light to dark blue resin figures as well as clear blue chase figures! The super cute "Bedtime Bunnies," depicting a bipedal rabbit wearing bunny slippers, will be available in both a 15 piece medium-sized, 3-inch tall version for $20 each and a 15 piece small-sized, 2.5-inch tall version for $12 each, with both versions have 2 clear blue chase figures mixed randomly in the blind boxes. The "Sleeptime Bunnies," using the same base bunny design expect showing him deep in slumber, will be limited to 35 pieces available for the $12 apiece run, with a chance of you getting the only one cast in clear blue! These release will all be available tonight (Monday, November 24th) at 8 PM Eastern time in Peter Kato's online shop.


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