Posted by Miranda April 26, 2018
EIMI TAKANO x PETER KATO's  Donut Bunnie!!   

Half Donut, Half Bunny... Completely Cute!

We are so excited to present the first release of an amazing collaboration between the Masters of Kawaii - Eimi Takano (Japan) and Peter Kato (New York)! 

Using Kato's iconic Bedtime Bunnie design, Takano has transformed the well-known and loved character into her signature donut style.

Standing at 6" tall, these adorable bunnies are cast in resin and hand-painted in New York by Clutter Studios!

The Donut Bunny OG Colorway is limited to just 25 pieces worldwide.

Priced at $95 apiece, they will be hopping into the world, on Friday, April 27th, at 12pm (noon) EST on our shop here.



EimiTakano_donutbunny_IG3.png, by Miranda



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