Posted by kristina February 08, 2017
Peter Kato Sugar Rush Bedtime Bunnies at PIQ Round Up

Last week I made a quick trip to PIQ Grand Central for Peter Kato's Sugar Rush Bedtime release, emphasize on the quick part as by the time I got to the store the official signing had ended. Luckily Kato was still at the shop-shout out to Dan at PIQ for making that possible!

As always Kato was grateful for all the support him and his resin figures received from the release-some of the variants were so popular that sold out right away online! As an extra bonus to those that purchased one of the new Bedtime Bunnies, Kato also sketched individual Valentine's Day card to buyers.

If you weren't able to attend PIQ last week, you can still order your own Sugar Rush Bedtime Bunnie on In the meantime, check out photos from the release (including a hard at work Kato)!

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