Posted by Trustpigs October 30, 2015
Creepy Hill: Bobby Kickstarter Launched

Most people missed it, but this year’s San Diego Comic-Con had an amazing resin release named “Bobby.” The work of artists CabbitQ and Dominic Qwek, this 4.5" tall piece is not the first figure in the Creepy Hill production line, with the pictured pre-painted pieces being funded through a Kickstarter campaign!

With a head that is kept matte and bone-like, his body has a nice juicy gloss to it that really emphasizes the slimy elements of the beast. Pictured is an actual production unit, the painted sample the duo received from the factory, so this is exactly what you will be getting! Every little bit helps, but those quick enough — the early birds — will get one for only $125 in this Kickstarter. Don't miss out…


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