Posted by marc January 13, 2016
Toy Fair Reveals Public Play Fair Expo, Vinyl Toy, & Customizers

The annual Toy Fair exhibition, where hundreds of toy and game companies show off their latest and greatest products in New York City, may only be open for industry professionals and press, but the brand new Play Fair expo is open for everyone. A public spin-off of the century-old Toy Fair, Play Fair is an all-ages experience where kids and adult collectors alike can get hands-on time with new and even unreleased products, as well as shop the show floor for rare finds.

To help promote Play Fair, which runs on February 13 and 14, the organization decided to create a vinyl toy and release the platform in a Play Fair Official Vinyl colorway, custom artist variants, and a blank DIY edition. Enlisting the skills of digital sculptor Michael DeFeo and curator Lev Lavarek (owner of Toy Tokyo and recipient of a Designer Toy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award), the design of the toy and the list of customizers has been revealed exclusively to Clutter Magazine.

The Play Fair Official Vinyl toy is a short and stout creature that wouldn’t be out of place in a Dreamworks or Pixar animation. The cute-meets-kaiju design of the official Play Fair colorway has a fun demeanor and inviting palette. We can’t wait to see what the customizers come up with using this platform as a starting point. Says the legendary toy collector, “I have put together a group of the most amazing artists that I have associated with over the years." Those artists include:

Keep it tuned to Clutter Magazine to see more exclusive reveals of the Play Fair vinyl toy, and see the progress of the Play Fair Official Vinyl, from concept to completion, in the gallery below.

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