Posted by marc February 11, 2016
#TBT | Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series by Rolito

After spending years working on Toy2r’s Qee platform, French designer Rolito created a few toys of his own. 2006 saw the release of both the Rolitoboy and Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series. Even though they were smaller in stature, the Mini series toys were what struck a chord.

12 variants were created for the series, which included artists like 123Klan, Superdeux, and of course Rolito himself. The cute and rolly-polly guys stood 2.5 inches tall, were made out of ABS plastic, and were packaged in window boxes so you know which variant you were taking home. The majority of these toys’ heads are separated into two pieces, the top hemisphere being removable, revealing another removable brain. This created a sort of nesting doll within each character. Or trepanning practice if that’s your thing. Rolito Minis were originally priced at about $12. They’ve doubled in value, but $25 isn’t too rough considering how cool these are. Check out the gallery below to see the full Rolitoboy Mini French Kiss Series lineup!

Rolito’s participation in the designer toy scene eventually diminished, but he continued working in graphic design, even creating the in-game artwork for Sony’s Patapon PSP game. You can see his newest design work on his Facebook page.


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