Posted by marc April 15, 2016
5" Dunny

Kidrobot are at the Museum Store Association convention and just fully revealed all 14 3" Andy Warhol Dunnys. (Only the line art of all 14 had previously been seen.) However, something else in that photo caught my eye. Check out the top shelf in the background and you'll see Huck Gee, Tristan Eaton, and Shepard Fairey Dunnys. What are those doing at a convention rather than behind museum glass? I've composited a 3" Dunny from the same photo as about the same distance next to these Dunnys and they look to be about double the size. Could Kidrobot be reissuing their most sought after Dunnys in 5" form? It would be heresy and a PR nightmare for Kidrobot to rerelease a Dunny, but doing so in a new size would be a great workaround and would be an instant purchase for tons of fans. What do you think? Do I need to take my tin foil hat off?

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