Posted by marc June 20, 2016
At the Drive-In Reunion Tour

There I was on Saturday, all excited to finally see At the Drive-In after waiting for 15 years as a fan. That's when the phone rang and an automated message told me the show had been canceled. Absolutely sure that this was a sick joke, I checked out the Internet where it was confirmed that the band had canceled not only their Boston show, but also their New York City show and the remainder of their reunion tour. The band announced that the singer, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, wound up with a health issue related to his vocal cords and that there is no way he can perform without further harming them. For a band with such a tumultuous history, I suppose it's better that a temporary setback was the issue, as opposed to more of the band members fighting and quitting the band. At the Drive-In have stated that they will make up the canceled cities' shows at a later date.

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