Posted by Miranda November 21, 2016
Clutter Magazine Issue 42 Dcon 2016 featuring Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Available Now!

Ready for your latest Installment of your favorite Designer Toy Magazine? Well, the physical copy of issue 42 featuring cover artist Mutant Vinyl is live and available now for purchase! 

The Designer Con 2016 Issue, featuring cover art and interview with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, is hot off the press and waiting for you to take home! 

Also included in the pages of this BUMPER CON issue are the following:

  • Arcane Divination with Jon-Paul Kaiser interview
  • Mighty Jaxx interview
  • Arcane Divination with Godmachine interview
  • Proposition Press interview
  • Designer Toy Awards 2016 coverage
  • Tomodachi Island interview
  • Mike Graves interview
  • State of the Designer Toy Union article
  • Jermaine Rogers interview

You can grab your copy of Clutter Magazine Issue 42 on our web store now. 


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