Posted by Miranda August 08, 2019
Penetrator DXL - Radioactive Edition

The Penetrator DXL is the latest chapter in an ongoing collaborative art project between Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (MVH) and Clutter.

The famous DX MVH body gets a makeover with a larger size, and Penetrator head by American Gross. 

First seen as an exclusive Five Points Fest MVH release in yellow and pink, its finally available online in a brand new Radioactive Pink and Blue version!

BABYUGLY-RAMPAGETOYS-CG-19-08-1.jpg, by Miranda

An experiment with resin as a medium to push the forms of Art Toys into the realm of sculpture, this release is designed to work in part with the Kougai (Pollution Monster) mini, and life-sized Sludge Demon. All different in scale to their vinyl counterparts.

This DXL body is impressive, twice the size of the vinyl DX!!

The future will hold more head designs unique to this platform and never to be released on the vinyl version of the DX. Produced in micro-runs, in order to focus on their quality as art pieces, this will be sought after and highly collectible

DXL-PINKBLUE-3.jpg, by Miranda

Each piece is lovingly handmade in NY by Clutter, using transparent blue and neon pink resin with a Glow-in-the-dark gossamer to make this piece POP! This piece is so bright it glows in the day!

Measuring approx 10" x 5” x 6”, and limited to just 10 pieces worldwide. They will be available for pre-order this Friday, Aug 9th, 2pm (est), and priced at $500 apiece.

Strictly one per customer. 

DXL-PINKBLUE-10.jpg, by Miranda

About Mutant Vinyl Hardcore:

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, (MVH) aka Rich Montanari Jr, is a well-established sculptor, painter, and package designer. Working predominantly in SOFUBI (Japanese Soft Vinyl), MVH's concepts are rooted in the worlds of Horror, Monster, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Japanese Folklore.

As a long-time toy collector, MVH takes that deeply embedded love of plastic creations and elevates it into a fine art form.

About American Gross:

American Gross (Josh Kimberg) is an American born artist & sculptor. Trained in fine art at NYU, he is best known for his groundbreaking online interactive animations, and TV animation work with MTV, Discovery Kids, Rosy Odonnell, and more. His love of animated storytelling was superseded by his love of Designer Toys, where he now spends his time creating art, running a Festival (Five Points Fest), Gallery, Production Studio and Magazine. 

About Clutter Studios:

Clutter Studios is a world-class creative production and design house. With 3D scanning, modeling and printing capabilities, alongside traditional sculpting, solid and roto-cast resin casting, and full factory production, we are here to bring artistic visions to reality.


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