Posted by kristina January 12, 2017
Rato Kim Boxcat Custom Exhibition

With all the success of Rato Kim's Boxcat customs, it was only due time until there would be a custom show featuring this cute platform. Opening this week at RIRI & DELI in Seoul is the first custom Boxcat exhibit! The show includes 16 artists from around the world and their take on this platform. It's always good to see more Boxcats but it's even better to see others' interpretation of it. And with the lineup that includes Remijie Malhan, Topztoy, Jayy, Candie Bolton, Winson Ma, Tadayuki Iwa, Shenly Yee, MJ Hsu, Paulo Mendes, Seulgie Lee, Johnwon Choi, Duck Head, Son Ji-Young, Jay H Lee, Sakubo, and Hoyoung Kim it sounds like it's a fun show!

If you're unable to go RIRI & DELI you can check out the customs via Kim's Instagram. So many cute Boxcats!

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