11 March 2009
Yesterday we were packing up Billy Banana's orders, and had a big pile stacked up. Looking at them we thought, wow they would look so cool with a stencilled… So...
04 March 2009
16 February 2009
24 January 2009
10 December 2008
08 October 2008
03 September 2008

Today the UPS man brought us a parcel from Kidrobot. It contained our Series 5 Dunny, and a full set of the series, YEY. This being our first production Dunny, we couldn't contain our excitement!...

31 July 2008

Here at Clutter we like to give artists and designers as much exposure as possible, so offer small advertising spaces in our magazine for you to flaunt your wears and act as a directory of sorts....

08 March 2009
03 March 2009
26 January 2009
14 January 2009

Following his appearance on the OC, it seems our Pink King Ken really has got a love of the spot light. Image above taken from the out-takes of Coheed and Cambria's DVD documentary for Neverender...

21 October 2008
04 September 2008


Shamelessly stolen from the KR boards, notice anything missing? I love these printing errors, but at least this time nobody asked if if was worth more lol...
30 August 2008

So with the Dunny Series 5 pre-release happening at Dragoncon yesterday it was only a matter of minutes before they started appearing on eBay, and our little miss has already achieved the tidy sum...

18 July 2008
Some of you may have noticed that we have updated our online-store to fit with the new feel of the website. You now have the chance to 'see inside' the issue before...
06 March 2009
23 February 2009
26 January 2009
16 December 2008
16 October 2008
04 September 2008

Our dunny is now available to purchase from the clutter shop priced at £5 signed by both myself and Nick-er-less. We don't...

13 August 2008

So it seems Ho has beaten me to the post about the September KR releases, which is good cause there is only one thing I want to talk about....


06 July 2008

So just a quick heads up, (incase you haven't noticed!!) about our new(ish) look website. Which we like to call Version 3.2.



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