Posted by specialK May 30, 2012

Creo Design has teamed up with Serg Basargin, Itoyz, to create The Almighty Chebaka! This will be "the first" Russian Designer Art Toy. From what we understand, the production for these awesome dudes are just about finished!


Chebaka comes in five different colors, each possessing a special power. 

Lucky Chebaka - he brings luck into your life just like that fortune cookie said it would. 


Cool Chebaka makes things cool like Fonzie. 

 Happy Chebaka brings you happiness. 


The Almighty Chebaka will grant you any wish! I'm thinking of Jombee ova here!


And The Navy Chebaka controls water powers!! 

These cuties are extremely limited, 100 pieces per colorway. When they work together as a unit their super powers are limitless. It's easy to assume that these aliens' are on the good side. 

I hope this blog will help ease your jones for Russian toys. 


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